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We want the social involvement of children and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups.

Together for NEET

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Together for NEET

  • AHEAD Association is implementing the Together for NEET project in Brasov, a Balkan transnational cooperation project, in partnership with NGOs from Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Poland, Kosovo, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Together for NEET was a transnational cooperation project founded by Erasmus Plus Programme 2015

Main objective

  • The main objective of the project was to create synergies between diversified stakeholders (education institutions, youth sector, labor market) in order to explore together effective measures and interventions for the better reintegration of NEET youth in society, education and labor market.

The purpose of the project

Creating synergies between different institutions involved in the professional training process and support in obtaining a job.

Specific objectives

  • Specific objectives: To gain together better understanding of the NEET issue by sharing previous successful interventions and understanding each sector’s role in the problem solving. To equip those involved with NEET youth work with skills and competencies to better support this vulnerable target group.
  • To co develop innovative models of intervention methods – tools – programmes. To explore further funding opportunities and develop a long term cooperation for future projects.
  • To share the results, products and findings of the project with the relevant target groups in our countries and across Europe.


  • transnational meetings in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria;
  • local capacity building workshops;
  • training course;
  • e-platform;
  • toolkit publication
  • G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting LTD – Cipru
  • Asociacion Suyae – Spania
  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid – Spania

AHEAD Association

Our projects

Sport, Leisure and Emotional Intelligece

The aim of the project is to ensure quality and accessibility in non-formal learning, in working with young people.


The Romani Ambassadors project aims to support a series of objectives in the field of training and employment.


The implementation of the project facilitates the access to education and finding a job for Roma people.

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