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We want the social involvement of children and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups.

Child protection

Child protection

Non-governmental organization

The GO FORWARD Association is a non-governmental organization, which carries out activities and implements projects for beneficiaries who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Work done

The activity carried out by our organization is focused on children, families and communities, for the purpose of social inclusion.

Child Protection

AHEAD Association operates mechanisms and means of child protection that aim to prevent and respond to situations of exploitation, neglect, abuse and other forms of violence.

Moral principles

Guided by moral principles, we try to ensure the protection of children from all forms of abuse or violence in families, schools, institutions and communities.

AHEAD Association

What do we support?

The implemented activities and projects facilitate the social reintegration of children who have been affected by abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The activity also supports the prevention of:

  • exploitation;
  • neglect and negligent behavior;
  • any risk situations for children in communities or families.
  • physical or emotional abuse;
  • traditional harmful practices and violence directed against children both in the family and in the community;


Consulting in the financing of social projects with European financing.


Activities that involve the formation of independent living skills.


Counseling and guidance within the ERASMUS program.



For the employees, collaborators and volunteers of the association

Employees, collaborators and volunteers of the AHEAD Association will always show the most responsible behavior towards children as follows:

  • It is committed to showing that they are aware of the difficulties in infringing the rights of the child.
  • Undertakes to reduce risks to prevent any harm to minors.
  • Undertake to know any suspicions of abuse and what actions should be taken to prevent or combat them.
  • Undertakes to take effective action in response to identified or reported abuse.

Employees, collaborators and volunteers of the AHEAD Association are strictly forbidden:

  • have attitudes towards children that could adversely affect their harmonious development and physical integrity;
  • act with behaviors that can be considered as negative examples for children;
  • hitting, physical abuse or emotional abuse of a minor;
  • use inappropriate language, offensive or discriminatory remarks;
  • behave inappropriately or sexually challenging;
  • act in ways that might be abusive or could put children at risk of exploitation or abuse;
  • stimulate with money or obtain favors in exchange for the disposal of material goods.

AHEAD Association encourages employees, collaborators and volunteers as follows:

  • be vigilant in identifying situations that could be dangerous to minors and know how to manage them;
  • report any suspicion or certainty about possible abuse or ill-treatment against a minor;
  • organize work so as to minimize risks of any kind;
  • encourage the participation of children in order to develop their self-protection capacity.
  • develop skills and abilities for children to discuss their rights and provide information on solving any problems;
  • maintain a high professional standard in working with children;
  • respect the children’s rights to treat them fairly, honestly and with dignity;
  • ensure that other members of the organization act responsibly in dealing with children;
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