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We want the social involvement of children and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups.

Breaking the circle

European peer to peer actions to raise the awareness of children, youngsters and professionals on rights in children and juvenile justice.

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  • Raise the awareness of children and young adults of their rights in the context of civil, criminal and administrative judicial proceedings through a participatory approach;
  • Improve Child-Friendly Justice Practices in all member States of EU.


  • WS0 “Management and Coordination of the Project”
  • WS1 “Participatory advisory groups of young people involved in judicial proceedings and professionals working in Juvenile Justice”
  • WS2 “Awareness raising campaign activities within secondary schools and formal and non formal educational contexts”
  • WS3 “Training for trainers”
  • WS4 “Dissemination at a National and European Level”

Main objective

Increase knowledge of professionals working in the field of Juvenile Justice and in the Educational System on a Child-Friendly Justice Approach.


  • Pupils aged 14-18, male/female, different social, economic, cultural background: n. 4325
  • Youngsters, male and female, different social, economic, cultural background, involved in different ways with Judicial Proceedings (Civil, Criminal and Administrative): n. 60
  • Professionals working in Secondary Schools, in formal and non formal educational contexts, in Juvenile Justice System: n. 308
  • Private and public institutions, Professionals working in Juvenile Justice Sector in all 28 EU Countries

Implementation period: September 2015-august 2017


  • Applicant: Città Metropolitana di Milano – Italy
  • CODICI Agenzia di Ricerca Sociale società cooperative – Italy
  • Associazione Comunità Nuova Onlus – Italy
  • Dotdotdot – Italy
  • Ahead Association – Romania
  • G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting LTD – Cyprus
  • Asociacion Suyae – Spain
  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid – Spain

AHEAD Association

Our projects

Sport, Leisure and Emotional Intelligece

The aim of the project is to ensure quality and accessibility in non-formal learning, in working with young people.


The Romani Ambassadors project aims to support a series of objectives in the field of training and employment.


The implementation of the project facilitates the access to education and finding a job for Roma people.

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