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We want the social involvement of children and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups.

AHEAD Association

AHEAD Association

  • Specialist in public relations and communication
  • Teacher high school
  • Engineers IT and telecommunications
  • Primary education Teacher
  • Pedagogue
  • Social workers
  • Gymnasium Teacher
  • Economist
  • Psychologists


Years of Experience

AHEAD Association

Why choose us?


  • Activities and projects that involve the formation of independent living skills.
  • Non-formal activities that involve learning and learning healthy behaviors within a community.


  • Consultancy services regarding the financing of social projects with European financing.
  • Support and consultancy regarding the provision of primary social services within the community.

Counseling and collaboration

  • Counseling and guidance within the ERASMUS program.
  • Collaboration in the prevention of situations involving social risk.

AHEAD Association

What we offer?

Partnerships with public entities:

  • activities and projects involving the training of social skills of children and youth.
  • activities and projects aimed at overcoming some social risk situations by implementing specific educational actions.

Partnerships with private entities aimed at involving communities in the social economy.

AHEAD Association

Our projects

Sport, Leisure and Emotional Intelligece

The aim of the project is to ensure quality and accessibility in non-formal learning, in working with young people.


The Romani Ambassadors project aims to support a series of objectives in the field of training and employment.


The implementation of the project facilitates access to education and finding a job for Roma people.

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