• Schedule: Monday-Friday 9.00 - 18.00
We want the social involvement of children and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups.

Romani Ambassadors 2.0

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Romani Ambassadors 2.0

Between November 9 and 11, 2022, we hosted the creative activity entitled “A brain to pick & an ear to listen” in which the Project’s partners contributed to the development and adaptation of the mentoring concept in the context of preventing school dropouts.

Theoretical notions and practical examples were presented which will be included in a working methodology useful to those who want to become mentors.

Thus, the situations of school dropout in the partner countries, the process itself, different mentoring techniques, its benefits, the profile of the mentor and the ways of involvement in the process were deepened.


Our projects

Sport, Leisure and Emotional Intelligece

The aim of the project is to ensure quality and accessibility in non-formal learning, in working with young people.


The Romani Ambassadors project aims to support a series of objectives in the field of training and employment.


The implementation of the project facilitates access to education and finding a job for Roma people.

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