• Schedule: Monday-Friday 9.00 - 18.00
We want the social involvement of children and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups.

Proiectul PAL PUSH 2

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Pal Push II

Between November 7-19, 2022, we organized the PAL PUSH CAMP for inclusive entrepreneurship event in Brasov, a specific entrepreneurial training, attended by 35 guests from all over Europe. Together with the experts of each partner in the project, we developed ten learning modules structured in several categories: best practices, the entrepreneur’s mentality, the development of an idea, the business plan, the necessary digital skills, resources and financing possibilities, innovation in the field, communication and many more others.

The main purpose of the meeting was to test a learning content that will be promoted later and offers theoretical and practical support in the case of starting one’s own business.


Our projects

Sport, Leisure and Emotional Intelligece

The aim of the project is to ensure quality and accessibility in non-formal learning, in working with young people.


The Romani Ambassadors project aims to support a series of objectives in the field of training and employment.


The implementation of the project facilitates access to education and finding a job for Roma people.

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