BREAKING THE CIRCLE – European peer to peer actions to raise the
awareness of children, youngsters and professionals on rights in
children and juvenile justice



Project has priority reference: awareness of child rights in judicial procedures.
– Raise the awareness of children and young adults of their rights in the context of civil, criminal and administrative judicial proceedings through a participatory approach;
– Increase knowledge of professionals working in the field of Juvenile Justice and in the Educational System on a Child-Friendly Justice Approach;
– Improve Child-Friendly Justice Practices in all member States of EU.
-WS0 “Management and Coordination of the Project”
-WS1 “Participatory advisory groups of young people involved in judicial proceedings and professionals working in Juvenile Justice”
-WS2 “Awareness raising campaign activities within secondary schools and formal and non formal educational contexts”
-WS3 “Training for trainers”
-WS4 “Dissemination at a National and European Level”
Each WS is implemented by a set of actions. The most qualifying actions are these:
WS1: Local Young and Professional Consulting Groups; Child Friendly Justice Guideline Integration Document.
WS2: Realizing communication tools (e.g. toolkit, graphic novel, video game, play game…) to realize Awareness raising campaigns; Local Raising Awareness Campaigns; Modeling Guidelines on models of intervention sharable at a EU level and replicable in different local and national contexts.
WS3: Local training of trainers on Children Rights in Judicial Proceedings; Training toolkit to systematize the methodology of intervention and training with professionals.
WS4: Web EU Campaign to guarantee the diffusion of the documentation and the outputs produced; Local Social Network Campaigns addressed to children, youngsters and their families to raise the awareness on their rights in judicial proceedings; Live local events to increase the knowledge of institutions and professionals; EU Commission event, to facilitate sharing results with EU Commission, contributing to augment the return of anonymised feedback to relevant actors; Project Final Event, to spread results and increase the knowledge of institutions.
Type and number of persons benefiting from the project:
-Pupils aged 14-18, male/female, different social, economic, cultural background: n. 4325
-Youngsters, male and female, different social, economic, cultural background, involved in different
ways with Judicial Proceedings (Civil, Criminal and Administrative): n. 60
-Professionals working in Secondary Schools, in formal and non formal educational contexts, in Juvenile Justice System: n. 308
-Private and public institutions, Professionals working in Juvenile Justice Sector in all 28 EU Countries:
1250 (access to web site and participation to local and final events)
– Applicant: Città Metropolitana di Milano – Italy
-CODICI Agenzia di Ricerca Sociale società cooperative – Italy
-Associazione Comunità Nuova Onlus – Italy
-Dotdotdot – Italy
-Ahead Association – Romania
-G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting LTD – Cyprus
-Asociacion Suyae – Spain
-Universidad Autonoma de Madrid – Spain
Implementation period:
September 2015-august 2017

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