Stand by Me. Building ecological models for care-leavers inclusion through participatory policy-making

Main objective:

Shaping enabling pathways for children ageing out of alternative care, with a special focus on minors involved in criminal and civil proceedings

Specific objectives:

1. Enhanced efficacy and efficiency of leaving care mechanisms and procedures, by involving targeted young care-leavers in their design and implementation

2. Improved capacities of professionals working with children involved in criminal and civil proceedings to recognize and address issues related to the leaving-care process, through a reverse mentoring methodology

3. Increased adoption of rights-based approaches and ecological strategies in care-leaving mechanisms at a European level.

Within the project, specialists from four countries created a board game recommended for children and young people in the state or private protection system, youth workers, but also for families with children and young people willing to practice their social skills.
The game can be downloaded by accessing the address:



Cards & Stories →              Instructions →


Working protocol for specialists who are involved in supporting young people leaving the protection system.→

Sport, Leisure and Emotional Intelligece - A Model for Differeces in the Society

Programme: Erasmus +, KA 2 Strategic partnerships Development of Innovation
Duration: 18 months (08.11.2017-07.05.2019)
Scope: to deliver quality and accessibility in non-formal learning and youth work by supporting the development  and  dissemination  of  new  integrated  model  in  reaching  out  to  marginalized  young people  and  in  preventing  racism  and  intolerance  among  youth  through  enhanced  cooperation between organizations with different profile and role in the youth field.


Romani Ambassadors

The project Romani Ambassadors is aiming to develop a comprehensive approach and endorse a number of goals in training and employment in order to speed up Roma Integration and support the implementation of the national Roma inclusion strategies and the Council Recommendations of Roma Integration.
The project aims to support Roma youth participation at different levels by supporting initiatives where Roma participation is key to long-term change.
Programme: Erasmus+, KA 2 Strategic partnerships – Youth 


Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU (PAL)

The project is aiming to develop  a comprehensive approach and endorse a numbers of goals in education, emploiment in order to speed up Roma Integration and support the implementation of national Roma Inclusion strategies and Council Recommendation of Roma Integration. The project is co-founded by JUST/2014/RDIS/AG/DISC Program.

Breaking the Circle

European peer to peer actions to rise awareness of children, youngsters and professionals on rights in children and juvenile justice. Project co-funded by JUST/2014/JPPI/AG/CHIL Program.

Together for NEET

 Transnational project with the aim to create synergies between diversified stakeholders in order to explore together effective, sustainable and transferable measures for the better reintegration of youth NEET in society, education and labor market. Project funded by Erasmus+ 2015.

And we can learn skills

Training course in ICT, institutionalized beneficiaries at the Centre for Delinquent Child Brasov.

And other matters

Nonformal course of knowledge and deepening of positife character traits. Partner in the Childhood without delinquency project, implemented by Romanian Police and National Autority for Childrens Right. The project was founded through the grants Program of the European Commission  “Prevention and Fight Against Crime”(ISEC)

To fulfill desires

Developing financial education, beneficiaries Secondary School students Ghimbav and institutionalized children at the Center for Delinquent Child Brasov.